Login Instructions for Teacher Education Safety Training

Per 105 ILCS 5/27-17 of the Illinois School Code all candidates in an educator preparation program that leads to teacher licensure must have instruction in safety education. To receive your safety education instruction please follow the instructions below. 

The Council on Teacher Education has developed the Teacher Education Safety Training using the College of Education Moodle system.


  • 1. Read all the following instructions.  If possible, print out a copy of these login instructions for your reference.

  • 2. Click here to begin the login process.

  • 3. You should be at the Login screen with the cursor blinking in the Username box.  DO NOT CLICK ON THE "Login as a guest " BUTTON. 

Type your Netid in the Username box.

Type your Active Directory password in the Password box. (see Note below)

Click the Login button.


Note:  Your Active Directory password is the same password you use for logging into the Student Portal.  For instructions on setting your Active Directory password, please click here

  • 4. Once you have logged into Moodle, you should be at the Teacher Education Safety Training Workshop screen. 

    Note: If you receive a message prompting you with "This course requires an 'enrollment key'", please verify with your program that you are registered with the Council on Teacher Education.  Only students registered with the Council on Teacher Education may access this training. 

  • 5. Read the entire introduction.  At the end of the introduction, click on Teacher Education Safety Training Test to begin the test.
  • If you have questions about your licensure program, contact your clinical experiences program coordinator.

  • If you have technical problems please email .