While each individual professional education preparation program has its own specific set of expectations, CoTE has established overreaching policies governing clinical experiences.  These policies include expectations, responsibilities and requirements for teacher candidates, university supervisors, and clinical experience program coordinators.

Teacher Candidates

Student teaching is a culminating experience which is often identified as the most important part of the teacher education preparation program.  Student teaching provides the opportunity for licensure candidates to apply their knowledge of subject matter and their understanding of educational theories of learning, behavior, and instruction in teaching students with diverse needs.  Student teaching places candidates in the role of a teacher; therefore, professional behaviors, conduct, and actions are required.  University teacher candidates are obligated to know the school district and school policies and to observe them throughout the entire student teaching experience.

For a list of teacher candidates' responsibilities, click here.

Cooperating Teachers

The University recognizes that the cooperating teacher’s first responsibility is to his/her pupils rather than to the teacher education students.  It is important for the cooperating teacher to remember, however, that the clinical experience should afford the candidate an opportunity to reflect upon and evaluate his/her educational practice as well as to cope with the responsibility of teaching. 

For a list of cooperating teachers' responsibilities, click here.


The University supervisor is an official representative of Urbana campus who not only supervises teacher candidates during student teaching but also serves as the liaison between the Urbana campus professional education preparation programs and cooperating personnel.  University supervisors may be tenure-line faculty, clinical faculty, or graduate assistants.

For a list of supervisors' responsibilities, click here.

Clinical Experience Program Coordinators

The Clinical Experience Program Coordinator is responsible for managing the day to day activities of the professional education preparation programs

For a list of program coordinators' responsibilities, click here.